Picture of XXIII Mercocities Summit

XXIII Mercocities Summit

From the 5th to the 7th December the XXIII Mercocities Summit, the main network of local governments in South America, will take place in La Paz (Bolivia). The latter is this year entitled “Culture: the pillar of integration and sustainable development”. The event will be a space to debate on the important paper culture plays in the processes of regional integration and sustainability.

The meeting will gather together representatives of local governments of the whole region who are part of the network, like the Montevideo Administration, to address issues related to culture, municipal public policies oriented to promote innovation and improve the governability to achieve a major citizen’s participation, or the construction of resilient societies. Likewise, the Sustainable Development Goals and the role that cities play for its achievement will be one of the central topics.

The Summit is the annual event of major importance for the Mercocities network, given the fact that during the Summit the General Assembly where the working plan is approved for the next year takes place and because it means a big opportunity to establish contact with other international and regional organizations. Moreover, in the framework of the Summit, the Council, the Directive Commission and Thematic Requests are celebrated, which bring together a big part of the active partners of the network.

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