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11th International Forum on Urbanism

From the 10th until the 12th of December the 11th International Forum on Urbanism (IFOU) will take place in the city of Barcelona. This edition is centred around the “reframing of the urban resilience implementation: aligning sustainability and resilience and it is organized by the Urban Resilience Research Network, the school of Architecture UIC Barcelona and UN Habitat. The main objectives of the forum are those of making comparative research in the sphere of urban design and the planning of regions or metropolitan areas; promoting the development and the diffusion of knowledge at the international level; establishing programs of international exchange both in the field of training and education as well as facilitating the dialogue between the different actors that participate in the above mentioned fields.

The IFOU is a network of research centres, universities and knowledge centres, which objective is to promote and strengthen the international collaboration in the field of Urbanism. Moreover, those governmental institutions and professionals that are working in the design and planning in the building field can as well be associated members.

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